inspiring people to care for each other 
and the world in which they live

Speaking, Planning and Training for Communities, Scenic Byways, Businesses, Schools, Government Agencies, and Nonprofit Organizations Around the World


The principals of Heartfelt Associates, Tim Merriman and Lisa Brochu, each have decades of experience in public speaking, facilitation, planning, and training. They have provided keynote addresses and seminars on a variety of topics related to community building, ecotourism, and communications theory and practice to audiences in twenty countries. Either or both can help provide your audience with new understanding of research-based implications for more productive communications. Their interactive style of presentation engages audiences fully, in a 45-minute keynote format or a seminar format of several hours. Whatever your needs for a speaker, we can work with you to customize the presentation appropriately in terms of content and delivery.




Sometimes you need a helping hand or an objective viewpoint to get your planning process started or move it further down the road to successful implementation. Our decades of experience with a variety of corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations and communities around the globe will give you the confidence to get your ideas on paper and ready for action. With every project, we provide only the amount of assistance you need – simple facilitation of your process, review of your plan documents, a complete consultation, or training in how to complete the process on your own in the future.



In addition to training you and your staff or partners in the planning process, we offer a variety of standardized training packages on related topics or we can work with you to develop customized training products and workshops that address your specific needs in the areas of ecotourism, interpretive communications, and group facilitation.


Specific services provided in the areas of: 


           • keynote addresses and seminars

            • interpretive communications training

            • development of customized training products

           • strategic planning

            • interpretive planning

            • business planning

                • community or regional planning (including scenic byways)

Help Bridge the Digital Divide for Guides in Rwanda 
We've been working for three years with national parks in Rwanda, training park guides and hosts and doing planning for visitor centers in Nyungwe National Park. These good people work full-time protecting Rwanda's unique resources while supporting extended families that usually include orphans. Many are working on Bachelor's or Master's degrees and doing community work to help young people have opportunities that were not available to them following the tragic genocide of 1994. 

Providing these guides with a used or inexpensive PC laptop or iPad is empowering. They can improve their education, do research about the park, promote the park to tourists and help their family members learn about the world. They also gain the chance to participate as colleagues with others who interpret nature and culture around the world. All of these good people are Certified Interpretive Guides and Hosts. You can help by donating a used laptop or iPad or by making a financial contribution. A donation of $70 or more buys at least one refurbished laptop. Let us know of your interest to donate and get involved. Please help us help them
Tim Merriman and Lisa Brochu at the Parthenon. Their projects have included work in Australia, Belize, Canada, China, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Greece, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Rwanda, Sweden, Tanzania, United Kingdom (Scotland, Wales, England), and all over the United States.