Heartfelt Horses
What could be better than miniature horses in Hawai’i? When we moved to the island, Lisa had to leave her beloved Appaloosas behind. We soon managed to find room for a couple of miniature Appaloosas just the right size for our smaller property. In 2019, the herd increased up to 4 – 3 mares and one stallion. And yes, that means there will soon be more on the ground, almost all of which will certainly be for sale.
Lisa also maintains a Facebook page for Hawaii Island Miniature Horses that is designed to connect the mini-horse community here in Hawaii. Our challenges are not quite the same as they are for full-size horses and all horses in Hawai’i have quite a different lifestyle than their counterparts on the mainland. 
And finally, there is a blog that focuses on some of those challenges and the joys of maintaining our little heartfelt herd.

The Heartfelt Herd
Our little herd are all registered stock as noted, but their barn names fit right into our coffee farm theme.

Peaberry (34″ 2015 stallion) AMHA, AMHR, AFHA registered as Toyland Comanche (full Falabella)

Java (31″ 2015 mare) AMHA, AMHR, AFHA registered as Toyland Java (full Falabella)

Mocha (30″ 2005 mare) AMHA, AMHR, AFHA registered as Toyland Tira Lena (full Falabella)

Au Lait (32″ 2010 mare) AMHA, AMHR registered as Sunrise Estates Tiki Doll

For Sale
As soon as we have foals on the ground, we’ll update this area with any that might be for sale.

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