The Butler Did It – Everyday Heroism

We recently sat in a theater in Keauhou, Hawaii, watching The Butler. Most folks applauded at the end for a writer, cast and crew that could not hear the praise. We wanted each other to hear it, to share the moment. Most sat still and watched the names of all who made the film rollContinue reading “The Butler Did It – Everyday Heroism”

Try to Remember – Keep a Journal

I am reading Undaunted Courage  by Stephen Ambrose and the wonderful journals of the men on the Voyage of Discovery from Washington, D.C. to Oregon coast with Lewis and Clark left us amazing accounts of their journeys. Where would we be without journals? It was ornithology class in college that made me start keeping aContinue reading “Try to Remember – Keep a Journal”

Training Guides to Interpret

We were walking down a path through a beautiful botanical garden many years ago and our guide was talking over her shoulder with only a few able to hear. When she stopped she would start talking and not wait for the group to gather. When asked a question she could not answer, she pulled aContinue reading “Training Guides to Interpret”

Five Ideas to Engage Your Audience

When I have the opportunity to speak to a group, my challenge is to find the most bored and tuned out person sitting in the audience and get him or her more fully engaged with whatever subject matter I’m presenting. Given that I’m usually trying to influence audience members to move toward greater stewardship ofContinue reading “Five Ideas to Engage Your Audience”