From time to time, people ask us if we’re still putting together ecotours to exotic places. The answer is maybe. Over the years, we have led ecotours to Tanzania (2013, 2018) and Rwanda (2014) as Heartfelt Associates and previously for National Association for Interpretation in Kenya (2003), Tanzania (2005, 2010), Peru (2006), China (2007) and Ecuador (2007). 

We keep our ecotours small – usually only 6 to 12 travelers. We use experienced in-country guides, but we accompany every tour to make sure there are no glitches along the way. We also try to go only to places we’ve been before (which includes over two dozen countries) so that we know what to expect and can adequately prepare you. When we are booking a tour, we stay in contact with you throughout the process to keep you informed about conditions on the ground, what to pack, travel tips, etc. Our ecotours encourage responsible travel, including both nature based and cultural activities in a variety of settings. We have stayed in ecolodges, safari tents, 5-star hotels, and everything in between to give you the best experience possible at an affordable price.

We are currently planning an East African Safari to Tanzania and Rwanda in March of 2022. It filled quickly when we first announced it, but we have had a cancellation that leaves us with an empty room/tent. For this tour, every traveler must be vaccinated for COVID-19 and must agree to abide by any COVID restrictions related to masks, proof of vaccination, and testing in place anywhere we visit. We are aware that this adds a layer of complexity to our travels, but due to the nature of our safari travel, we believe it can be managed safely and successfully and our guide companies in country are staying on top of the latest COVID information to help get that done.

We are currently looking for one couple, or two travelers willing to share a tent/room, or a single who might be willing to share if we find another same-sex roommate for you. If you are interested, download the itinerary and registration information in the PDF below (scroll down).

If you are interested in another destination or date and want to see if we will put together a trip, contact us to discuss it in detail. These days, we usually wait until someone asks us about a specific place before we start the process of setting something up. 

Coffee Farm Tours
We offer free tours of our small Kona coffee farm on Napoopoo Road near Captain Cook, Hawaii. You can learn about how grafted trees improve the survival of Kona’s unique typica coffee trees, world famous for rich flavor. And you can try our delicious, homegrown Kona coffee and meet our miniature horses. Medium roast coffee from our farm is for sale every day of the year at our farm or on line at

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